A Collection of Stories (and one Essay)

Here is a collection of short stories by recognized contemporary writers (mostly American) that you can access on-line.  They are listed here in no particular order.  Some are very good. Some are not as good as others.  They don't purport to be the best work of these writers. We list them here because you can access them for free.  You can also link to a blog that links and comments on every short story published in The New Yorker in 2005.  Happy reading!

First, the essay, by Richard Ford: Where does Good Writing Come From?  Published in Granta, it discusses sources of Ford's own fiction-making.

Now, a story by Richard Ford, also in Granta: Rock Springs

History of a Disturbance / Steven Millauser (published in The New Yorker in March, 2007) This one incorporates interesting usages of second person narration.

In the Reign of Harad IV / Steven Millhauser (published in The New Yorker in April, 2006)

If I Vanished / Stuart Dybek (published in The New Yorker in July, 2007)

Solace / David Antrim (published in The New Yorker in 2005)

Agnes of Iowa / Lorrie Moore (published in Granta)

Five Cats and Three Women / J. Robert Lennon (published in Granta)

Termite's Birthday, 1959 / Jayne Anne Phillips (published in Granta)

Looking for the General / Madison Smartt Bell (published in Granta)

Mrs Covet / Rebecca Miller (published in Granta)