UCLA Writers' Program
Instructors: Judith Prager / Harry Youtt

Notes and Links on Wildness, Surrealism, and Magical Realism

Stories with "you" or "we" as the narrator[s]. (Click here for an article describing Second Person. Also take a look at the Jeannette Winterson exerpt from The Power Book, on herwebsite. For first person plural, read The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenides.)

- SELF-AWARE NARRATION:  asides to the audience or observations on the writing process or other intrusions which call attention to the artist's conscious process in constructing the fiction. Read Ursula Heggi's Intrusions for examples of the self-aware narration. Also read Jamaica Kincaid's self-aware narration online.For another variation on self-awareness, see John Barth's "Lost in the Funhouse," or read the article about him at Scriptorium.

- STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: For our notes on stream-of-consciousness, click here. For an apt definition, see Jennifer Shin's Stream of Consciousness.

- SURREAL EXERCISE:  (Read any of Amy Bender's short stories; or read the article at Scriptorium about Donald Barthelme, and while you are at it, find Donald Barthelme's short stories too, and read them. Also read Jeanette Winterson's "A Short Introduction to the Art of Storytelling," from Sexing the Cherry.

MAGICAL REALISM -- A variant of surrealism (or maybe just a new name, that nobody seems to really understand.   See these links to Magical Realism resources